Border County Asks Abbott to Deploy Texas Military to ‘Repel’ Illegal Crossings

On the same day Texas Gov. Greg Abbott asked the Biden–Harris administration to secure the open border with Mexico, Kinney County Judge Tully Shahan (R) asked the governor to use his authority to stop illegal border crossings.

In a declaration of disaster filed Wednesday, Shahan asked Abbott to “immediately deploy 2,000 state military personnel” and “state military air assets” to the county to “repel an invasion and protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Texas.”

Shahan’s declaration cites Abbott’s authority to act under the Texas and U.S. constitutions.

“Kinney County has had enough of Biden’s open border policies. Texans are done waiting for someone else to fix our own border,” Kinney County attorney Brent Smith (R) told Texas Scorecard. “It’s time for Texans to stand together and solve this crisis ourselves. Whether it be a water barrier in the Rio Grande that prevents illegal entries or closing state highways at ports of entry to pressure Mexico into action, Texans are poised to act now.”
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