Citizens Are Exposing Central Texas School Board’s Corruption

ROUND ROCK — This school board can’t hide from parents anymore.

As a conflict unfolds across the country between school district officials and concerned parents, a fight in an Austin suburb school district includes many nationwide issues: racist and pornographic curricula in classrooms, questionable COVID mandates on kids, restrictions on parental access and rights over their own children, closed-off public meetings, officials’ abuse of power, and even domestic assault allegations against the superintendent.

But on Thursday evening, parents and citizens organized to speak out to the board.

The Recent Timeline

The latest story in Round Rock Independent School District (roughly 20 miles north of Austin) began last month when the school board arbitrarily restricted citizens from a public meeting about mask mandates and taxes—only allowing 21 seats in a room with a capacity of 375. The board directed district police officers to keep citizens out of the room and even directed them to arrest two citizens.

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