Gov. Abbott Says Texas House’s Chance of Passing Child Protection Laws Was ‘Nil’

AUSTIN — As state politicians continue to allow medical professionals to disfigure children in Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott has finally broken his silence on the longstanding issue.

Earlier this year, state lawmakers proposed several bills during the regular legislative session to outlaw certain mutilating operations on minors, such as cutting off their healthy body parts or giving them sterilizing cross-sex hormones.

The proposed laws in Texas came primarily after the national spotlight on James Younger, a 9-year-old from Dallas whose mother wanted to force him—against his father’s wishes—to take sterilizing drugs and eventually castrate him.

But during the legislative session, despite citizen outcry and the proposed child protection laws being one of the Republican Party of Texas’ top priorities, Republican lawmakers in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives killed the effort.

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