Haynes: Federal Grants Push Critical Race Theory Into Texas Classrooms

Over the past year, Congress has allocated nearly $200 billion to the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund, of which the American Rescue Plan 2021 comprises $122.7 billion. Though the purposes of ARP to reopen schools and deal with learning losses sound innocent, this is a Trojan horse. Critical race theory is being pushed into public schools through federal grant mandates.

Five states are receiving 39 percent of the ARP funds. Second only to California, Texas is receiving $12.4 billion, with 16 percent going to these five school districts: Houston ($804 million), Dallas ($543 million), Ft. Worth ($262 million), Aldine ($236 million), and San Antonio ($208 million). You can find the ARP funding for your school district here.

ARP requires the spending of at least 20 percent for “evidence-based” interventions that “respond to students’ academic, social, and emotional needs.” This must include “free, antiracist therapy for White educators.”

Since Texas’ share of the ARP funding is $12.4 billion, at least $2.48 billion must be allocated toward the SEL (social emotional learning)/CRT with “therapy for White educators” programs.
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