Houston attorney: ‘Your job should not be contingent on your willingness to be a human guinea pig’

If Texas Gov. Greg Abbott banned vaccine passports in his state, as he says he has, why are 178 employees at Houston Methodist Hospital poised to lose their jobs for not getting the coronavirus jab?

“Today, I signed a law that prohibits any TX business or gov’t entity from requiring vaccine passports or any vaccine information,” the Republican governor declared in a June 7 Twitter post.


“Abbott signed the bill into law that afternoon. Later that evening, Houston Methodist Hospital employees were protesting their employers’ mandate they receive a COVID-19 vaccination. The law prohibiting vaccine passports Abbott signed doesn’t protect employees from an employer’s COVID-19 vaccination requirements,” the website Texas Scorecard reported on June 16.

A federal judge in Houston on June 12 dismissed a lawsuit brought by 117 employees at the hospital over the mandatory coronavirus vaccine requirement.
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