Is Austin About to Buy Another Hotel to House the Homeless?

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  • Source: PJ Media
  • 06/09/2021
Homelessness and homeless camping remain a major issue in Austin despite the city’s voters’ overwhelming rejection of the permissive camping policy Mayor Steve Adler and the city council approved in 2019. That policy allowed nearly unfettered camping citywide, leading very quickly to tent cities popping up in medians, under overpasses, and on sidewalks in front of businesses all over the city.

The city council has approved the purchase of hotels to house homeless people over the past couple of years, and going by Thursday’s meeting agenda addendum it’s set to buy another one. See item 89.

That’s the Candlewood Suites hotel in north Austin. Its proposed purchase by the city to house homeless people is already controversial, but Adler has refused to listen to the concerns of residents in the district.
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