Rivals Challenge Abbott on Employer Vaccination Mandate

Rivals of Gov. Greg Abbott have spoken out on the situation in a Houston hospital where employees are resisting their employers’ vaccine mandate. The employees’ attorney has called for Abbott to have the Texas Legislature address employer vaccination mandates in a special session.

Despite Abbott announcing a vaccine passport ban in Texas, Houston Methodist Hospital has mandated that all employees receive full COVID-19 vaccinations or be fired. 178 employees haven’t, and they’ve been suspended with threat of termination on June 21 if they do not comply. A total of 117 employees have sued the hospital, with attorney Jared Woodfill representing them.

After a U.S. District Judge dismissed the lawsuit, Woodfill told Texas Scorecard Abbott should have the Texas Legislature take the issue up in a special session. It has been reported that Abbott has indicated he will call multiple special sessions this year.
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