Texas Association of School Boards Supports Control Over Board Members’ Speech

As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to hear the case of Houston Community College Systems v. David Wilson in two weeks, the Texas Association of School Boards Legal Assistance Fund (TASB LAF) filed a brief in support of the Houston Community College System.

The Houston Community College System v. David Wilson case arose in 2017-2018 when elected HCC Trustee David Wilson publicly disagreed with some of the actions taken by others on the nine-member board of trustees. In January of 2018, the HCC trustees censured David Wilson for his public comments disagreeing with the board’s decisions, including the HCC decision to fund a campus in Qatar.

Now TASB, which has yet to withdraw from the National Association of School Boards following their call for critical parents to be investigated as domestic terrorists, is seeking to further control the speech of publicly elected officials.

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