Texas Democrat Warns of ‘Wild West Pimp-Style’ Gun Carry

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  • Source: The Reload
  • 04/20/2021
A Texas Democrat on Thursday warned of an onslaught of “Wild West pimp-style” gun carrying if Republicans get their way.

“Roll on into any place you want and buy a gun under this provision and walk around in whatever way you want, no training, no understanding, Wild West pimp-style,” state representative Ann Johnson said in opposition to House Bill 1927. In particular, the bill would lighten punishments for inadvertently trespassing while carrying a gun.

On the floor of the Texas House of Representatives, Johnson predicted that lowering the punishment for inadvertently carrying a gun onto private property would have dire consequences. She complained that small-business owners may have to confront non-felon “pimps” flaunting their guns.
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