Texas House Prepares to Debate State Budget

On Thursday, the House of Representatives will take up and consider their version of the overall state two-year budget in Senate Bill 1. Generally speaking, much of the debate will be for show, as the majority of the debate occurred in the months leading up to the budget being brought up on the floors of each legislative chamber.
The Senate version of the bill passed out of its chamber unanimously on April 6. It is expected that, barring any significant change, it will pass similarly in the House of Representatives.


The House budget, as written, accounts for about $246.7 billion of spending. The Senate approved their version at about $250.7 billion.

It is important to note that neither proposed budget includes the $32 billion the state is set to receive by the federal government under Biden’s American Rescue Plan (ARP). The draft budgets do, in fact, come in below current state spending. If you dig further into the details, however, neither budget successfully funds the projected spending for the next two years, which means that though they are not directly communicating it, the Legislature would be relying on at least approximately $18 billion of the $32 billion coming in from the ARP to be able to do so.

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