Texas Military Problems Worsened Under Maj. Gen. Norris

Documentation obtained by Texas Scorecard shows problems—similar to the problems that surfaced during Operation Lone Star—were identified in Texas’ military during the 2017 Hurricane Harvey relief operation. Instead of those problems being fixed, they appear to have metastasized since Gov. Greg Abbott’s appointed military commander took over in 2019.

On December 3, 2018, Abbott appointed Maj. Gen. Tracy Norris to replace retiring Maj. Gen. John F. Nichols as the Texas adjutant general (TAG), the state’s top military commander. Nichols had been appointed during the tenure of former Gov. Rick Perry in 2011, and Perry reappointed him in 2014. 

“General Norris exemplifies the values of service and sacrifice, and her record is nothing short of impeccable,” Abbott stated. “Under her leadership, the Texas Military Department will continue its strong legacy of service to the Lone Star State.”

Not all agree with Abbott’s 2018 statement. 

“She’s appointed some incompetent people who are her friends, and not necessarily great military leaders, to hold very important positions there inside the [Texas Military Department],” retired Sgt. Maj. Jason Featherston said of Norris. “If you give her any opposition, she will find a reason to get rid of you. She doesn’t value senior enlisted advice.”

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