Townsfolk dismayed at the dusty war zone Del Rio has become

DEL RIO, Texas — Town residents are fed up with the situation in their small city of 35,000 people, which became ground zero for the crisis at the southern border last week.

Most locals lamented the situation at the Del Rio-Acuna International Bridge was completely preventable. They argue the Haitians illegally crossing the Rio Grande River, which separates the United States and Mexico, began earlier this year but was not addressed by the federal government, paving the way for this unprecedented surge of people coming up the riverbanks every hour over the past week.

“It all stinks,” said Dave Kinsey, an appliance store owner known around town as 'Big Dave.' “We got to feed them. They're spending thousands of dollars to feed them. That's coming out of our pocket.”

“They've been dealing with it now for quite some time now,” said Tommy Zata, who works in business administration. “It's just, I guess in the last week or so, it's just exponentially that they gathered here.”

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