Tucker Carlson Calls Out Gov. Greg Abbott for Inaction on Southern Border

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is calling out Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for failing to call National Guard troops to the southern border and refusing to come onto his program, one of the highest-rated in cable news television.

“We open the show with horrifying pictures of what’s happened at our southern border, which is completely open. And this country is being invaded; no, that’s not an overstatement. More than a million people this year, expected by the rest of the world. It’s been going on for months,” Carlson said in a monologue on Tuesday night’s show. “And we’ve asked Texas Gov. Greg Abbott many times to come on this show to explain why he hasn’t called the National Guard to seal the Texas border and protect the rest of us from this invasion. Greg Abbott has refused to come on [the show] repeatedly. So pretty soon, possibly tomorrow, we plan to invite his primary opponents on the show to describe what they would do if they ran Texas. That might be an interesting conversation.”

“We’d like to give Gov. Abbott one more chance to come on, sincerely. Please, come on and tell us how you plan to save the rest of us from what is happening in your state,” he added.
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