Uncut: A Conversation With Chad Prather

A Brief Biography
Chad Prather, a Texas humorist and entertainer, is approaching the Republican primary for governor from a distinct corner of the political arena. Having never served in a publicly elected office, Prather throws caution to the wind to humorously expose inconsistencies in the ideology of his political opponents. He spent 20 years in radio and television, from the cab of his truck to the studio of The Blaze TV. 

COVID-19 Response
Prather cites how Gov. Abbott’s coronavirus mandates motivated him to challenge the incumbent. 

“We were at a dinner there in the Black Hills of South Dakota on July 2, 2020. Donald Trump Jr. was there, and a news notification came in on my phone that said that there was another mandate, another shutdown in the State of Texas, that was issued by Governor Abbott. He was deeming more businesses and more people non-essential. I just kind of had it at that point. I jokingly [said], ‘I don’t know if it was the glass of wine I was drinking or because I was with a Trump, but I took to Twitter and said I’m gonna run for governor in 2022.’”

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