WAX: Here’s Why Texas Governor Greg Abbott is Tanking.

Once a favorite and a “rising star” in the national Republican Party, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has fallen from grace. Recent polling shows he has lost his lead in the Texas GOP gubernatorial primary, dropping nearly 20 points in just three months.

Abbott’s collapse was not brought about by dishonest attacks from the corporate media. On the contrary, his inauthenticity has become too much for conservative Texas voters to bear. In the era of Trump’s Republican Party, the conventional wisdom of Republican in Name Only (RINO) hacks simply won’t cut it, and it is clear to all that Abbott’s inner circle is chock full of them.

In a previous article, I noted that Mitchell Carney, Abbott’s political director, has a history of Never Trumpism and that he turned on the President at a personally opportune time after January 6th. Carney is far from a lone wolf. In fact, his presence in the Abbott sphere of influence is a product of low-grade nepotism. There is far more to the Carney story that merits examination.

Mitchell’s father, Dave Carney, serves as a senior adviser to Abbott, and has been a swamp dweller for decades. Carney previously served as the White House political director for George H.W. Bush. Like most political operatives, he functions as a parasite, popping up every election cycle to siphon as much donor money off as possible.

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