Border Security

  • Support funding and construction for a completed Texas border wall.
  • Offer full support for border patrol and ICE agents and agencies.
  • Expand the state's previous E-verify law to include both public and private employers. 
  • Support the passage of S.B. 357, 2568.
  • Ensure a legal workforce and higher wages for Texans.
  • Do not allow sanctuary cities in Texas.
  • Enforce the laws that are on the books
  • Appoint a Texas Border Commander/Chief to oversee and coordinate state border protection efforts 
  • Enforce border security with all available law enforcement resources - DPS and the National Guard must be coordinated along with Border Patrol 
  • Coordinate communication and cooperation among all agencies between various sectors along the Texas border 
  • Finish Trump’s border wall and prioritize hot spot areas
  • Empower Texans to protect their homes and lands 
  • Leverage economic pressure on Mexico 
  • Patrol Texas highways and shut down illegal traffic 
  • Remove all economic incentives for schooling, tuition, and healthcare for illegals 
  • Leverage Texas to take on the federal government 
      - Name cartels international terrorist organizations 
      - Let border patrol agencies and ICE do their jobs
      - Washington must declare that the door is closed and hold foreign governments that receive federal funds accountable 

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