As Governor I will move aggressively to stop the trafficking of Texas children.

As Governor I will place a focus on ending the demand for sexual exploitation of children.

As Governor I will work with partners to protect our children against sexual predators and work towards ending human trafficking in our great State.

As Governor I will have zero tolerance to the demand for sexual content or sexual activity with children.

As Governor I will secure the border and prevent children being trafficked and exploited across our border.

As Governor I will initiate proactive prosecution of predators trafficking and buyers demanding sexual interaction with children.

As Governor I will hold big tech accountable for the exploitation of children on their platforms.

As Governor I will crack down on pornography available to children, including material that is being made available in schools. 

As Governor I will support ideas and legislation that provides critical help to children who are victims of trafficking. 

As Governor I will help NGO’s  increase the facilities providing victim services to children who have been trafficked.

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